'Sagg Portal'

Hans Van de Bovenkamp

2004 - metal: steel, marine grade stainless (type 316L)

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'Sagg Portal' was originally on exhibit indoors in the Museum Building for Hans Van de Bovenkamp’s one-person exhibition "Menhirs, Dreams, Myths and Deities". Now part of the outdoor collection, the title, 'Sagg Portal', references the artist’s hometown, Sagaponack, NY and the neighboring town of Sag Harbor. These towns are connected by a five-mile stretch of road called Sagg Road. These names are of Native American origin, and in a sense, 'Sagg Portal' is a dedication to these early settlers in and around Sagaponack. When asked about the sculpture, Van de Bovenkamp states, “…it is all about time, change, and interconnectedness. The portal, entry, passageway, gate—you name it, presents the before and after, the past and the future, a right of passage.” 'Sagg Portal' reflects the influence of Abstract Expressionist painters Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, both of whom lived on Long Island. One of the primary characteristics of Abstract Expressionism was the application of the paint to the canvas with quick and expressive gestures which resulted in an activated surface. When looking at 'Sagg Portal', one can infer a sense of motion from the wavy stacked forms. The brushed stainless steel heightens the sense of movement and energy in the sculpture. Van de Bovenkamp notes, “stainless steel was selected because of its strength and contemporary appearance, as well as its reflective quality that accentuates its energy and ever-changing appearance as the sun and the moon travel around the piece.”

About the Work
About the Work
metal: steel, marine grade stainless (type 316L)
overall: 132 in x 180 in x 72 in
plasma cutting and heliarc welded, hollow box construction
Menhir series
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc., Original Purchase and Partial Gift of the Artist

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Sagg Portal by Hans Van de Bovenkamp

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  • Sagg Portal by Hans Van de Bovenkamp
  • Sagg Portal by Hans Van de Bovenkamp
  • Sagg Portal by Hans Van de Bovenkamp