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Jason LaViscount, Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager at Investor’s Bank, presents a gift to support Grounds For Sculpture’s Community Art Programs.

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We are honored to share the following list of donors and members whose commitment to GFS represent its future growth. This listing includes gifts received between January 1, 2021-December 31, 2021 in support of GFS’s annual fund and our endowment.

This list is limited to contributions of $100 and above. Members are listed by their tax-deductible amounts.

Grounds For Sculpture welcomes gifts of any size and makes an effort to ensure the accuracy of its list of donors. If we have made an error or omission, please accept our apologies, and notify us immediately by contacting the Development Office at 609-249-0245.

To make a donation to Grounds For Sculpture call the number listed above or visit this page. Thank you!

Grounds For Sculpture is grateful for the generous support of our late founder, Seward Johnson, his family and the family foundations–collectively, they have gifted more than $140,000,000 for the land, buildings and sculpture, and provided the necessary resources to help build the organization’s capacity and infrastructure–creating a sculpture park and museum like no other.


$500,000 – $1,000,000 +

New Jersey State Council on the Arts
The Atlantic Foundation
Elaine Johnson Wold


$100,000 – $499,999

Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas
The Bunbury Fund at Princeton Area Community Foundation
The Cecelia Joyce and Seward Johnson Foundation


$50,000 – $99,999

Bank of America
Barbara Lawrence and Allen Laskin
The Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation


$25,000 – $49,999

Capital Health System
Michael and Jeanine Greenleaf


$10,000 – $24,999

Ambleside Gardens
India Blake
Barbara and Gerald Essig
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
Cindy and Neal Gittleman
Johnson & Johnson
Scott and Hella McVay
New Jersey Council for the Humanities
New Jersey Division of Travel & Tourism
David Novak
NRG Energy, Inc.
Philadelphia Foundation
Lori Rickles and Cuong Do
TarverWalls Foundation
Joy Taylor and Tony Petruccio
Dr. Jerry Wind and Barbara Eberlein


$5,000 – $9,999

Michelle and Rashaad Bajwa
Katherine and Charles Berry
Julian and Lois Brodsky
Sandra Cropper
Geoscape Solar, LLC
Ilana and Mauricio Gutierrez
Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Nancy and Jared Kieling
NJM Insurance Group
Gregory Olsen
PNC Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson III Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation
Roundview Capital
RWJ Hamilton
Eric B. Ryan


$2,500 – $4,999

Ulli and Volker Arendt
Melisande and Alfred D’Alessio
Mary Ellen and Robert Darretta
Shirley Joseph
Riva and Marc Kahn
Pat Kennedy
Sharon and Frank Lorenzo
Dina Wind Art Foundation
V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc.


$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (2)
Jill Barrie and Thomas Casson
Sandy and Vince Basanavage
Dr. Nigel Brown and Violet Zar
Judith Burgis
Compass RE
Sergio and Amanda Cordova
Bruce Daniels
Anna Drago
Event Navigators, LLC.
First Bank
Lisa and Richard Freeman
Diana Frost
Umesh and Sunanda Gaur
John and Tammy Gibson
Greencrown Energy
James Heston
Sarah Hincken
Grace and Elmer Hsu
Integra Foundation
Christine James
Allen Kassof
Penelope E. Lattimer, Ph.D
Wei and Rubin Liu
Marian R. Stuart, Ph.D. Foundation
Northwestern Mutual Princeton
Sheela and William Olson
Kalpana Patel, CPC and Rajendra Patel
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Carolyn Rossip Malcolm
Ed Sproles and Jean Lloyd
Bernard and Phyllis Sussman
TD Bank
David Timothy and Alberto Carbonilla
Welmoet and Daniel Van Kammen
William Penn Foundation
Joan Yesner


$500 – $999

Denise and Gabriel Asfar
Jason Basedow
Katherine Hatton and Richard Bilotti
Alastair Binnie and Zoe Brookes
Susan M. Davidson
Alyce and Eugene Fluder Jr.
Terese Fowler
Hamilton Cardiology Associates
Harrison’s Smile Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation
Lisa and Gregory Hopper
Susan and Michael Hort
Feather and Lawrence Houstoun
Investors Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program
Florence Kagan
Christine Kleinatland and Mark Koehler
Ellen Kick and Seung Kwak
Susan Lyons
Patricia and Thomas McKearn
John P. Moroze
Ralph Mosley
Janet Pressel
Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber & Princeton Mercer Regional Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
Marissa Reibstein and Moin Hydari
Roma Bank Community Foundation
Eric and Wendy Roth
Kimberley Shinmoto
Mike and Barbara Simone
Evelyn G. Strum
Joyce Swoyer
The Bank of Princeton
Dawn and James Tringali
Michael and Sarah Unger


$250 – $499

Shirlene and William Abrams
Elaine and Gary Allen
Michelle and John Alpaugh
Amazon Smile
Joseph Tate and Stephani Ansley
Steve Arens and Jill Redeyoff
Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign
Amy and Adrian Banner
Beth Barrie and Chuck Hardin
Michael Beard
Karen and Paul Blackford
Karen Calder
Cynthia and Raymond Cantor
Cecilia and Irwin Cariaga
Warren and Dorothy Carretta
Christine Cerenzio
Robert Herrig and Michael Chang
Susan and John Clarke
Ruthann and Kyle Cloman
Judy and Al Cohen
Teri Cox
Custom Essence
Kathryn and Ken Dominski
Dr. Laura Padham Visiting Audiologist
Econsult Solutions, Inc.
Lauren and Scott Eder
Donald Ehman and Linda Kinsey
Saul and Roberta Epstein
Robert Evanson and Cindy Bajorek
Randall and Sherry Flager
Carol Freedman
Charlotte Gelfand
Green Building Solutions. LLC.
Louise Gross
Cassandra and Robert Hallberg
Suzanh Hannon
Happer Family Fund
Kathleen and James Harris
Daniel Hayes-Patterson and Sara Hastings
Robert F. Hendrickson
Carol and James Herring
Andi Hook
Dinesh Jain and Katherine Noesen
Donna Ritz and Richard Jasaitis
David and Nadine Kaiser
Nikolay Kondrikov
Laura Raab and Donald Krapf
Helene and Russell Kulsrud
Angie Lambert
Laura Solomon & Associates
Diane Lippert
Paige and Julius Amidon Litman
James MacElderry and Marilyn Fishman
Jerome Marcus
Alan Markowitz
Maureen and Sal Martino
Mastercard Impact Fund
Scott McDougall and Julie Bruder
Kristen Megargee
Connie and Douglas Merchant
Sandy Carlstrom and Henry Meyers
Linda and Joshua Milstein
Beatrice Mwariri and David Gilbert
Harvey Rich and Jeanne Nevin
Nancy and Carmen Nitti
Karen L. Nolan
Oak Accounting LLC
Ocean Tents & Party Rentals
Alexander and Collin Paul
Lynn Marks and Clifford Pearlman
Margaret Perry
Jeannine Benson and Michael Platoff
Ingrid and Thomas Plocek
John and Susan Pluhowski
Michael and Carol Pungello
RAS Technology Consultants
Helen and Robert Ribbans
Ridder’s Custom Woodwork
Lisa Roche and Randolph Barbiero
Lorraine Rose
Philip D. Ross
Dr. Stephanie Lipnicki and Andrew Ruiz
Nadine Witkin and Kevin Ryan
Nora and Martin Salzman
James and Beaugwynn Sandor
Alan Rothschild and Sheila Schramm
SERVPRO Hamilton/South Trenton
William and Amy Sheffield
Arnold and Myrna Speert
Bill Stahlin
Jon and Meredith Stevens
Keith Sagers and Marian Stuart
Donna and Joseph Tully
Jan Vadell
Alexander and Karen Vegega
Amy Vo and Colin Gross
Alison Isenberg and Keith Wailoo
Ned Walley
Laura Walters
Sarah and Mark Walzer
Terence and Janell Wassum
Elizabeth Weinreb
Lilian Fung and Josiah Wiener
Theresa and Jay Wrobel


$100 – $249

Anonymous (2)
Heather De Troeyer and Thomas Abbondante
Meryl and Henry Abramowitz
Marie Adair
Patricia Adams
April and David Adin
Gary and Patricia Ahrens
Luis Albello
Pauline and Charles Alden
Darin and Dorothy Amme
Tu An
Nora and Juan Ananos
John and Lauren Angeles
Samantha Trice and John Anglim
Vanessa Arbelaez and Noah Villegas
Cheryl and Daniel Asnis
Gillian and Mary Astarita
Elizabeth and Clayton Avent
Susan and Charlie Bachus
Barbra Bailey
Maryann Bailey
Kelly Baker
Erika Baldt
Elizabeth E. Baldt
John Balletto
Julia and Jason Bannon
Mae and Shannon Barde
Robert and Norene Barish
Simon Bateson
Wendy and Gabriel Battisti
Jerome and Gloria Bauman
Richard and Nancy Baumann
Patricia Beaber
Lucia Beach
Arlene Beckman
Kenneth and Laurel Bellero
Joseph and Nancy Benincasa
Jerry and Sue Benz
Sabrina Starkman and Michael Berger
Heather and Joe Berger
Brianna Soreth and Harold Bermudez
Bruce Bernstein
Mira and Eric Berzofsky
T. Michael Beschler
Jodi and Robert Bettermann
Liza Fleming and Jose Bibiloni
Jennifer Bibro
Joan M. Birchenall
Cathy Blackwell and Hans Weinrich
Thomas Bley and Tara Alvarez
Andrea Blomquist
Susan Bojakowski
Vanessa and Stephen Bond
Mrs. Emily Byquist and Ms. Marina Bonsi
Rebekah and Justin Borucki
Leon and Marina Bottou
Lynn Bowen
Tanya and Zoe Bowser
Mark and Barbara Boyles
Cynthia and Tom Briggman
Deb and Clint Brockway
Delene Bromirski
Megan Hnath-Brown and David Brown
Errol and Stephanie Brybag
Mark and Kelley Brzostowski
Dulcie Bull and Clive Muncaster
Pamela Kelly and Robert Bullington
Wendy Burney
Gregory Burnham
Linda and Donald Burns
Mrs. Sue Burrough and Abby Burrough
Frankie Busch
Dr. Beth Adler-Bush and Dennis Bush
Shazia and Richard Buskens
Linda and Joseph Calamari
Ellen Scabarozi and Rebecca Calvani
Charlene Caputo and Jerry Kahse
Dr. Karen D. Carlson and Mr. Jeffrey Schulman
Virginia C. Carsia
Farrah and Chris Celler
John Chanda Jr.
Charitable Flex Fund
Adele Cherny
Ron Cheslock
Cheryl Chianese
Ying Chen and Oliver Chin
John and Patty Chisano
Heeten and Thalla-Marie Choxi
David Ciotti
Lillian Ciuffreda and Mark Poiani
Silvana Clark
Marie Flaherty and Douglas Clark
Marshall and Deborah Cohen
Helene Ehrlich-Cohen and Marc Cohen
Michelle Cole and Roberto Blanco
Andrew Coleman and Toka Bell
Paul and Ann Coleman
Frank Coleman
Karen Coll
Comcast NBCUniversal Matching Gift Program
John Conlon
Jane and Ralph Conner
Jane and Curtiss Conrad
Paul and Mary Ann Considine
Laura Conway
Mary and Gary Cossaboon
Joseph and Nancy Costa
Patricia and George Cottrell
Patricia and Dennis Cottrell
Amy Sacchetti and Dan Cox
Samuel Crane
Michele Cressman and Yvette Lewis
Dr. Michael Makowsky and Lou Csabay
Ellen Daily
Angela Dalton
Anthony D’Angelo
Daryl and Judy D’Angelo
Diana Dapito
Ayesha and Guillaume Dar
Sara and Russ Davis
The Honorable Wayne and Toni DeAngelo
Amy Stemhagen and Michael D’Elia
Karina and Vincent DeMarco
Bianca and David DeMonte
Robert and Alice Dent
Donna and Bob DeSantis
Susan Adams and Bryan Deuitch
Maggie Devine
William and Liliana DeVita
Jane and Sara DeWitt
Joanna and Dave Diamond
Audry Dorofy
Janet and Janis Downey
Suzanne Van Dunk
Jessica and Kathleen Dunne
Jeff and Bob Durachta
Moira and Elizabeth Dwyer
Liuba and Larysa Dzihanau
Louise Eckhardt
Laura and Mathew Edwards
Richard and Caroline Edwards
Elizabeth Egghart
Kim and Thomas Eisele
Ursula Ellis
Wenimo Okoya and Donald Eloi
Donald and Barbara Erlichman
Hilda McDaniel and Charles Everett
Eric and Geri Fahr
Christina Faragalla
Kevin and Ada Farrell
Alison Farrington
Rachel Farrow
Ginny and Daniel Faubell
Phyllis Feinblum
John and Stephanie Feist
Kristin Belen and Gregory Fernandez
Jane and Theodore Fetter
Susan Fielder
Edward and Marianne Fimbel
Joanna and Clement Fiori
Barbara Flagg
Emogene and David Floyd
Peter McGrath and Cathy Fortenbaugh
Joan Fortsch
Jo and Jacob Fradkin
Julie and Michael Frantz
Veronica and Tina Franz
Dr. Gustav Friedrich and Ms. Betty Turock
Patrick Fringer
David and Carol Ann Fulmer
Ernest Funari and Trina Thompson
Sharon Galayda
Robert Gallagher and Mary Ann Yaich
Helen and James Galt
Yursely and Sophia Garcia
Francis Gardella
Cory and Edward Cassar Garrett
Gary Garrido Schneider and Gwen Charles
Susan E. Garruto
Joni and Judy Geissinger
Patrick and MaryAnn Gerity
William and Katherine Gilbert
Kathryn and James Sean Wink Gilligan
Nancy and Walter GimBert
Frederic Ginsberg
Joseph and Jackie Giuliano
Ashley Smith and Dan Glasel
Ahaviah and Ilana Glaser
Timothy and AnneMarie Glebinski
Tom and Diane Godish
Mary Goepfert
John Goff
Faina Goldenberg and Ilya Teperov
Inez Gonzalez
Richard Gopstein and Debbie Grauer
David Watson and Anne Gordon
Sue and Randall Gottesman
Gelena and Isidore Gotto
Carol and Allison Graf
Constance and George Grant
Catherine and Russell Granzow
Shelley Kohan and Stephen Greco
Wendy and John Grzelewski
Kenneth K. Guilmartin
Maureen and Patrick Hagan
Karen and Alfred Hahn
Peter and Kristin Hall
Terry Halper
Judson and Stacey Hamlin
Laurie Hardy
Lynn and Joshua Harper
Marilyn and Lee Harris
Philip and Monika Hauser
Christopher S. Jackson and Sarah Haviland
Linda and William Hay
Tracy and Denis Healy
Chelsea Olds and Dan Heller
Barbara and Rebecca Hentz
Wendy Herbert
Jennifer Herrera
Wendy Thomas and Steve Hervatic
Denise Higgins
Ameenah Wins and Renata Hill
Christine and Alexander Hladky
Phyllis and Stephen Hnatko
Brent Hoagland
Kathy Hobbs
Rosemary and Alice Hoeler
Coralie and John Hoffman
Linda Hofmann
Thomas and Patrice Hoge
Harriet and Ted Hollander
Sallie and Amy Hollander
Joan and Wayne Hollendonner
Charles Holm
Russell Holman
Mindy Holman
Karen Hopf
Horizon Foundation of New Jersey
Deborah Hornstra
Brenda J. Hough
Nancy and Stephen Hovnanian
Cecelia Howard
Gabby Fuentes and Ryan Hughes
Helene and Jack Hughes
David Hujber
William (Griff) Humphreys
Rosie Hymerling
Bryan and Denise Ianni
Abiola Ijalana
Daphne and Kent Ireland
Barbara and Ronald Jackson
Deborah Jackson
Lisa Cherkassky and Robert Janison
Laurie and James Johnson
Jeanette Johnson
Hope Blackburn and Lee Johnson
Louise Jones
David and Marilyn Jose
Jiveon Joy Park and Mike Juang
Jackie and Nick Juliano
Veronica Kaiser
Sharon Kaplan
Florence and Vijay Kapoor
David Schoenberg and Lucille Kapraszewski
Cynthia and Stan Karolkiewicz
Roberta and Roy Kaszuba
Maksim and Evgeniya Kelerikh
Deborah Kelly
Carol and Michael Kennedy
Patricia Kennedy
Jane Kent
Ron Kernast
Herb Kestenbaum
Jenny and Stephen Kim
Diane Varano and Dennis King
Mindy and Phil Kirstein
Daphne Klebanoff and Phil Valese
Renee Martinez and Bill Kleppinger
Emily Anton and Bryan Kligman
Beth and Frank Knecht
Andrea and Matt Kolich
Lisa Komjati and James Hoey
Vijay and Geetha Koneru
Barbara Subramaniam and Cynthia Kostuzena
Diane Kottas
Youssef and Ann Kouatly
Philip Kramer
Dr. Judith A. Kramer and Shari K. Brink
Kathleen and Ken Kraus
David and Jennifer Krulewicz
Susan and Mel Kubota
Elizabeth and Michael Kuhns
Kathleen Kulesza
Elizabeth Lopez and Michael Labrum
Stacy and Jennifer LaBruno
Rollin LaFrance
Barbara Lagno
Lori Lambert
William and Ellen Land
Ann and Gregory Lang
Richard C. Laskey
Katherine and Thomas Lederer
Steven and Bonnie Lederman
Daniel Lees and Carissa Alanzo
Frances Lehrfeld
John Lengyel and Eileen Hutchinson
Ashley Rago and Mike Leonard
Danielle and Jie Li
Ying Li
Carl and Marie Lillvik
Ruth and A. Michael Lipper
Cathy and Robert Lipshutz
Margie Longo
Megan Foster and Sarah Loretangeli
LyLy and Martin Lui
Rochelle Calhoun and Robert Lussier
Szilvia and Daryl Lyew
Kathy and William Lynn
Susan MacDougall
Daniel and Sylvia Mako
Ian and Amy Malik
Kristyn Manaresi
Ronne Marantz
Lucia and Richard Maresca
Melissa Brown Marin and Ashok David Marin
Margaret Marino and Emmanuel Engelsson
Annadele Markowitz
Lois and Douglas Martin
Freddy Jimenez and Evelin Martinez
John Martini
Sophie Cecile Xu and Martin Mascio
David and Dorothy Massey
Laurie and Agustin Matkowski
Lana Max
Stuart Kerachsky and Rebecca Maynard
Timothy and Nicole McAuliffe
Milton E. and Michele A. McCullough Jr.
Venita McDonald
Lawrence and Jacqueline McDonough
Monica McGoldrick and Sophocles Orfanidis
Frances and Jill McGovern
Regina McGowan
Mary K. McGrath
Janet and Robert McGuire
Megan McHenry
Isabelle Schlick and Robert McMahon
Laura McQuaid
Jennifer and CJ Meenan
John and Dorothy Meggitt
Martin and Katherine Meglasson
Mark and Beth Mehler
Patricia and Thomas Meighan
John and Sarah Meola
Joan Mercantini
Yulia and Martin Meshoyrer
Linda and Thomas Metcalfe
Thomas and Julie Mezzetti
Robert and Robin Michaelson
Joanna Xu and Evan Miller
James Aleski and Karen Miller
David Verdon and Deirdre Miller
Steven and Carol Miller
Dorothy and Karen Miller
Walter Miziuk
Giovanni Paolo Molfese
Ginger Monarch and John Fox
Kirsten Monihan
Virginia and Stephen Monson
Daniel and Lee-Ann Montano
John Wagner and Carole Moore
Lauren Morales
Mariola and Adam Morawski
Allison and Aaron Morgan
Hollie Howard and Ryan Morville
Tina and Daniel Motto
Kathleen and Layne Moulton
Rachel and Brian Mueller
Theresa Muenzel
Allie Prull and Kyle Mullin
Nicole and Michael Mulry
Marguerite and Edward Murphy
Janney Murtha
Lauren Taylor Nash and William Nash
Howard and Liz Nathan
Jennifer Nelson
Priyanka and Amitabh Nema
Nerman Foundation
Kathy and Paul Jones-Nestor
Shannon De Barrena-Sorbe and Jesse Neumann
Ann and Michael Nevers
Liv and Brent Newbury
Denise and Larry Newell
Edmond du Pont and Clover Nicholas
Arthur Ellwood and Paula Nieves
Cynthia and Steven Ninivaggi
Madeline and Carmine Di Nonno
Andrew and Joanne Nordgren
Rachel Snider and Daniel Norris
Jane Nowakowski and Kevin Mulcahy
Rene and Karolin Obregon
Kassahun Checole and Nevolia Ogletree
Wendi Olitsky
Karen Orr
Lauren Waldrop and Richard Ortiz
Craig and Lynn Ostroff
Shailin Dhar and Aoife O’Sullivan
Sam Otto and Anastasia Bizyaera
Gabriel and Lisa Pacheco
Arline and Mike Palm
John and Martin Panarace
Nancy and Barry Parker
Dr. Rakhee Barai and Parth Patel
Ashesh Patel and Surbhi Pandit-Patel
Mary Paul
Denean Paulik
Saundra and Austin Pedersen
Nidia Pena
Alison Fournier and Eric Penalver
Philip Rieschick and William Pendergast
Nuno Pereira
JaQuinley Kerr and Jose Perez
Mary Perez
Mark and Eve Perlman
Kerry Perretta
Dori Persson
Megan and Scott Peterman
Lisa Petronio
Deborah and Matthew Pey
Barbara and John Pichon
Linda Pickering and Arthur Shearer
Jennifer Piddington and Luis Perero
Joanne Pimble
Alexandra Sabura and Marlowe Pinlac
Mr. Per Ahlstrom and Dr. Leanne Poffenberger
Robert and Marion Pollack
April Birnie and Daniel Potter
Ruth and Michael Potts
David Powell
Margaret Powers
Elizabeth Garrison and Sarah Preble
Barbara and Cindy Preiser
Sandee Priser and Kimberley Urech
Sharon and Greg Pulz
Kathleen and Lou Putnam
Jennette Greenberg and Nathaniel Putney
David LaMotte and Jani Rachelson
Robert Raleigh and Suzanne Egan-Raleigh
Patricia and Sundaresan Ramachandran
Stephanie and Brian Reuter
Natasha Haase and Jennifer Rexford
Michael and Bethy Reyna
Kelli and Dave Rice
Joicy Becker-Richards and Tim Richards
Stephen Anderson and Clara Richardson
Kenneth and Colleen Richlin
Jacklyn and Sean Rider
Gayle Riesser
Sarah A. Ringer
Sofia Rios and Salvatore Romano
Katherine Ritenband
Peter and Elizabeth Rizza
Joe and Maggy Robinson
David and Lorre Roby
Henrry Rodriguez
Deborah Hyman and Paul Romano
Chuck and Dylan Romer
Samantha Litt and David Rosen
Richard and Donna Rosenberg
Shoshana and Raizel Rosenberg
Mary Ann and Joseph Rostel
Christopher Rotella
Alan Rothschild and Sheila Schramm
JanMarie and Teresa Rotolo
Shawneen and Grace Rowe
Ruth Rucci
Joy Rudnicki
Priscilla and William Russel
Lucia and Aníbal Russo
Terri Sackett
Irina Sagalovskiy
Margo and Donia Salem
Ruth and Jonathan Savage
Jessica and Andrew Schemick
Nancy and Carrol Schiavone
William and Jean Schlameuss
Elizabeth Shackleton and Julie Schmidt
Karen and Andy Schmitt
Jennifer Schoenberg
Barbara Schreiber
Sigrid and Myron Schreibersdorf
Jared and Juli Schrope
Martha Haviland and John Schrum
Mary Schulz
Jocelyn Schwartzman
Roseann Schwetje
Nancy A. Scott
Constance Scott
Malinda Scurato
Ayana Harley Sears and Lunnon Sears
Jan Seguin
Owen and Susan Seidenberg
Rita Seplowitz Saltz
Lorraine and Marcello Sgarlato
Kathleen and Richard Shaginaw
Ben Firner and Jenny Shane
Kimberly and George Shaub
Linda Sheahan
T Sheahan
John and Angela Shearing
Clare and Edward Sheehan
Wendy Shen
Natasha and Darryl Sheppard
Kim Sheppell
Richard and Natalie Sheridan
Jamie Zale and Michael Sherkness
Adria Sherman
Ling Phan and Brian Shim
Dr. Deborah Siegel-Robles and Sheryl Siegel
Carolyn R Sievers
David Silver
Victoria and Charles Simone
Kathryn Slawson
Donna Slovak
Karen Smith
Mildred and Albert Smith
Carl Homrighausen and Caryn Solly
Sandra Sparatta
Kathryn Harr-Sponsler and Robert Sponsler
Jeanne and Daniel Stahl
Elsa Stahura
Anthony and Patricia Staltari
Bonnie Stanley
Marcella Stapor
Mrs. Ruth S. Morgenroth and R. L. Stebbins
Tema and Jon Paul Steele
Larry Steele
Deborah and Don Stellhorn
Samuel Stephens and Bernard McMullan
Angelica Stern
Lisa and Robert Stern
Sean and Janice Stevens
Maureen Heffernan and Elisabeth Stewart
Barbara and Mike Stewart
Carol and Rod Stewart
Leslie Stickley
Virginia and James Stoops
Nancy Stoots
Jean and John Streeter
Donald and Pamela Strum
Frances and Kenneth Stufko
Suzette and Allan Sularski
Dr. Jessica Sumski and Christopher Weber
Susan and Michael Falcon Philanthropic Fund
Robin and Majenda Swain
Deborah and Wayne Swanson
Christopher and Christina Sylvester
Gary Szelc
Elaine and Mark Taff
Judi Taglieri
John Tait
Gregory Taylor
Kristin and Donald Taylor
Robert and Diane Taylor
Theresa Fox and John Tedder
Jason and Melissa Townley
Lora and William Tremayne
Arthur and Bridget Troccoli
Susan Graff and John Tugwell
Michele and Robert Turansick
Demi and Antoinette Turner
Sandra Turner
Elizabeth and Richard Tyson
Dennis and Suzanne Updegrove
Emily Kazmac and Gregory Usberti
Cynthia Leger and Jose Sanchez Uya
Anthony and Mary Vaccarelli
Thomas Vaden
Julie Vandermay
Lesley Vannerson
Arthur Vasen
Norma Veile
Caroline and Robert Vosch
Jennifer Crisp and Craig Wager
Kent Wagner and Rosanna D’Orazio
Gabrielle Peterson and Nicolas Walker
Meghan and John Walsh
Lindsay Alvarado and Johanna Walter
Susan and Robert Ward
Judith and Lori Watkins
Angela Proctor-Weaver and Clearthur Weaver
Jan and Richard Wechsler
Deana Graffeo Weeks and Michael Weeks
Larry Wehr
Suze and Len Weinberg
Sandy Welsh
Mrs. Janice Wernock and Jeffrey Wernock
Lois Westerfield
Amy and Samuel Whitelock
Lauren and Chris Whitmore
Eva and John Wiley
Brenda and Jerry Williams
Susan and Caroline Williams
David and Arlene Wilner
Janice Rodden and Chris Wilson
Roy Wilson
Zakiyyah and Catherine Wilson
Benjamin Witherell and Haekyoung Suh
Carolyn Witt
Wendy and Catrina Wolf
Jack and Janet Wolinetz
Robert and Ruth-Ann Wolkoff
Jane and Katie Wood
Rebecca and Donald Worrell
Barbara Worthington
Krystal and Andrew Worthington
Heather and John Worthington
Timothy Yarger
Patrick Doliber and Stephanie Yoshioka
Kathrina Yost
Katherine and Austin Yun
Barbara and Maurice Zagha
Carol and Jed Zaitz
Michiko Pegeron and Mike Zangrillo
Linda Zarnett
Aleksander and Marian Zelazny
Huijing and Xiaoyu Zhang
Gail and James Ziegler
Kelly and Paul Ziek


Business Members

Bank of America
Bryn Mawr Trust Wealth Management
Capital Health System
Compass RE
Cure Insurance Arena
Custom Essence
Dr. Laura Padham Visiting Audiologist
Econsult Solutions, Inc.
Event Navigators, LLC.
First Bank
Green Building Solutions. LLC.
Greencrown Energy
Hamilton Cardiology Associates
Hopewell Valley Vineyards
Johnson & Johnson
Laura Solomon & Associates
MadGirl Designs
Northwestern Mutual Princeton
NRG Energy, Inc.
Oak Accounting LLC
Ocean Tents & Party Rentals
Phase One Network
Princeton Marriott at Forrestal
Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber & Princeton Mercer Regional Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
RAS Technology Consultants
Ridder’s Custom Woodwork
Roundview Capital
RWJ Hamilton
S&P Global
TD Bank
The Bank of Princeton
Trident Plastics
V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc.


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