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Our Team


Seward Johnson, Pondering the Benefits of Exercise, 2004, bronze, female figure and table: 55 in x 46 in x 62 in; male figure in jacket: 51 in x 26 in x 38 in; male figure in shirt: 52 in x 36 in x 52 in, Grounds For Sculpture, Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc., photo: David W. Steele

Board of Trustees

Eric B. Ryan, President
Barbara Lawrence, Vice President
Marco B. Cucchi, Treasurer
Nancy Kieling, Secretary
Ulli Arendt
Teri P. Cox
Alexander Gladney
Michael Greenleaf
Gordon Gund
Ilana Gutierrez
David Kaiser
Penelope E. Lattimer, Ph.D
Sharon Lorenzo
Scott McVay
Esther Novak
Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas
Barry Zhang



Gary Garrido Schneider, Executive Director
Robert C. Gross, Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer
Lois Silagyi, Director of HR & Accounting
Stephanie Harbison, Manager of Human Resources
Lauren Shepard, Manager of Events
Nicole Bizzarri, Assistant Manager of Events
Leigh-Ann Fisher, Staff Accountant



Tom Moran, Chief Curator
Faith McClellan, Director of Exhibitions & Collections
Lindsey Young-Lockett, Manager of Exhibition Production
Tracy Lee, Assistant Preparator
Dani Edgar, Assistant Registrar



Claire Cossaboon, Manager of Membership
Karen Parmelee, Membership Associate
Gayle S. Freeman, Manager of Institutional Giving
Melissa Kelly, Manager of Volunteer Services
Karen Hollywood, Manager of Corporate Engagement



Rena Perrone, Curator of Performing Arts
Kathryn Chisholm, Performing Arts Associate
Yoriko Franklin, Group Visit Coordinator
Libby Vieira da Cunha, Manager of Group Visit & School Programs
Julio Enrique Badel, Manager of Experiential Programs
Sarah Good, Experiential Programs Associate



George Chevalier, Manager of Marketing
Joshua Ortiz, Graphic Designer


Museum Shop

Katie Lyons, Manager of Museum Shop
Carrie Calhoun, Assistant Manager of Museum Shop


Guest Services

Alex Silagyi, Director of Guest Services
Mark Baird, Manager of Guest Services
Sam Hwang, Manager of Guest Services
Annmarie Holler, Assistant Manager of Guest Services



Matt Smith, Director of Facilities
Matt Bolz, Building Systems Technician
Robert DiBella, Building Systems Technician
Mikhail Forrest, Grounds Assistant
Janis Napoli
, Horticulturist
Alex Bowe, Horticulture Assistant


Food Services

Michael Kurtz, General Manager
Kathleen Newman, Director of Catering

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We have received many questions about whether the opening of state parks includes Grounds For Sculpture. Please note at this time we remain closed. 

As a nonprofit organization we are not part of the state parks system and we are not yet permitted to open. We are watching the situation closely. When we are permitted to open, we are determined to do so in way that is safe for our staff, volunteers and visitors.

We know the value of being out in nature and experiencing art is all the more important and restorative during these uncertain times. We look forward to welcoming visitors back to experience GFS later this season when we are permitted and able to reopen. We are tending the garden to ensure we are ready when the time comes.

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