Our Team


Seward Johnson, Pondering the Benefits of Exercise, 2004, bronze, female figure and table: 55 in x 46 in x 62 in; male figure in jacket: 51 in x 26 in x 38 in; male figure in shirt: 52 in x 36 in x 52 in, Grounds For Sculpture, Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc., photo: David W. Steele

Board of Trustees

Eric B. Ryan, President
Penelope E. Lattimer, Ph.D, Vice President
Marco B. Cucchi, Treasurer
Karen Andrade-Mims
Ulli Arendt
Michelle Bajwa
Gary Bannett
Nigel Brown
Teri P. Cox
Cataldo Doria
Umesh Gaur
Michael Greenleaf
Ilana Gutierrez
Freda Howard
Sharon Lorenzo
Scott McVay
Esther Novak
Nick Pahade
Kalpana Patel
David W. Timothy
Peter Vermeulen
Jerry Wind



Gary Garrido Schneider, Executive Director
Robert C. Gross, Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer
Kathleen Ogilvie Greene, Chief Audience Officer
Stephanie Harbison, Director of Human Resources
Leigh-Ann Fisher, Controller
Pamela Torres, Executive Assistant
Cindy Palazzoto, Bookkeeper and HR Associate



Faith McClellan, Director of Exhibitions & Collections
Travis Jiorle, Preparator
Emily Snedden Yates, Registrar
Ivo Zivkovic, Collections and Exhibitions Assistant



Marissa Reibstein, Chief Development Officer
Claire Cossaboon, Director of Membership
Karen Parmelee, Senior Membership Associate
Jean Marie Hanna, Membership Assistant
Melissa Kelly, Manager of Volunteer Services
Karen Hollywood, Director of Corporate and Foundation Engagement
Ariel Dell’Arena, Senior Development Associate
Amy Musselman, Corporate and Foundation Associate



Julio Enrique Badel, Director of Education and Community Engagement
Tiffany Allen, Manager of School & Group Visits
Yoriko Franklin, Assistant Manager of School and Group Visits
Callie Lasch, Lead Museum Educator
Akiko Jackson, Manager of Ceramics Program
Christina Joseph, Manager of Workforce Development
Mahal Moon, Manager of Public Programs
Danielle Costello, Public Programs Assistant



Lauren Collalto, Senior Manager of Marketing
Joshua Ortiz, Graphic Designer
Colleen Molnar, Marketing Associate



Katie Lyons, Manager of Museum Shop
Carrie Calhoun, Assistant Manager of Museum Shop



Lauren Shepard, Director of Events
Nicole Sasko, Manager of Events
Christiana Wittenborn, Assistant Manager of Events


Guest Services

Sam Hwang, Director of Guest Services
Mark Baird, Manager of Guest Services
Leah Southerland, Assistant Manager of Guest Services



Matt Smith, Director of Facilities
Robert DiBella, Building Systems Technician
Mikhail Forrest, Facilities Technician
Jeffrey Daman, Building Systems Technician
Jarrett Rey, Facilities Technician



Janis Napoli, Director of Horticulture
Catherine Swiderski, Manager of Horticulture
Jennifer Mothes, Horticulturist
Patricia Carey, Horticulturist


Food Services

Michael Kurtz, General Manager
Kathleen Newman, Director of Catering

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