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IRA Charitable Rollover


Walter Dusenbery, Damascus Gate, 2002,  travertine, 240 in x 176 in x 51 in, Grounds For Sculpture, Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, photo: David Michael Howarth Photography

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There are many tax-effective ways to make a gift to Grounds For Sculpture. If you’re 70½ or older, you may want to consider an IRA charitable rollover, which could lower the income taxes from your required annual IRA withdrawals.


Recap of Charitable IRA Rollover Rules

  • Donor must be at least 70 ½ years of age when the gift is made
  • Transfer must be made directly from the IRA administrator to a qualified charity (like Grounds For Sculpture)
  • The maximum allowed gift per individual is $100,000 per year
  • Must be outright gifts
  • This gift opportunity only applies to IRAs
  • The charitable IRA distribution can be used to pay a pledge

Benefits of Charitable IRA Rollover

  • May make a significant gift without using cash or other assets
  • The rollover amount is a tax-exempt distribution and not subject to income tax
  • IRA rollover can be used to meet all or part of required minimum distribution (RMD)
  • Gift not subject to charitable gift limitations
  • Still benefit from reduced taxes if you do not itemize

Steps for Directing a Charitable IRA Rollover to Grounds For Sculpture

Contact your IRA plan administrator for their specific transmittal form to request a gift transfer from your IRA to Grounds For Sculpture. For 2019 credit, direct your plan administrator to make the transfer on or before December 31, 2018. Postmark must be no later than December 31, 2019. Inform Grounds For Sculpture of the designation of your gift by noting it at the bottom of your direction letter or by contacting Rhonda DiMascio at (609) 249-0233 or

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We have received many questions about whether the opening of state parks includes Grounds For Sculpture. Please note at this time we remain closed. 

As a nonprofit organization we are not part of the state parks system and we are not yet permitted to open. We are watching the situation closely. When we are permitted to open, we are determined to do so in way that is safe for our staff, volunteers and visitors.

We know the value of being out in nature and experiencing art is all the more important and restorative during these uncertain times. We look forward to welcoming visitors back to experience GFS later this season when we are permitted and able to reopen. We are tending the garden to ensure we are ready when the time comes.

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