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Enjoying the amphitheater during a family journaling-in-the-garden workshop, photo: David Michael Howarth Photography

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Explore the world around us through deeper conversations, observations and reflections with the resources provided below in our Tool Box. Designed for learners of all ages these free, downloadable activities will enhance your experience with art, nature and wellness at Grounds For Sculpture or where ever you may be. The questions you create are more important that the answers you find.




This activity guide is your companion to Slow Motion, an exhibition at Grounds For Sculpture that tests the material and temporal bounds of monuments. To explore these themes, Monument Lab has chosen five artists who have created five different artworks both indoors and outdoors (see map). With this guide, we hope that your experience prompts you to look at, listen to, smell, and touch each monument. The questions in this guide are meant to encourage you to slow down and engage deeply with each of the individual artworks, as well as to reflect on how they each offer unique visions and models for public memory.

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Educators, families, and adults are invited to use this guide as a resource to explore the world of ceramics. The art of sculpting and shaping clay has been around for centuries and is one of the oldest forms of art.

Developed by artist and educator, Jihan Thomas, this guide is intended to present ceramics from a global perspective and to encourage classes to be inspired by this art form and to connect with it in a variety of ways.

The activities and resources included are designed for students of all ages and include connections to National Arts Standards. While exploring with clay, anything is possible, and we hope you and your students embark on this wonderful exploration with joy and creativity.

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To view the guide as individual pages (best for printing), click here.



Looking at sculpture: Dina WIND Educator Guide

In collaboration with the Dina Wind Art Foundation, explore this dynamic and thoughtful Educator Guide. This resource aims to provide you with the tools for teaching about sculpture, in the classroom or onsite at Grounds For Sculpture. Adaptable for students of all ages, the engagements address National Arts Standards,  and present a methodology for nurturing 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creative expression.

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To view the guide as individual pages (best for printing), click here.



explorer’s guides

Investigate these essential themes related to closer looking, art making, horticulture and wellness as an added resource as you explore the grounds with your family or group.

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Ask & Share    Look & Listen

Ask & Share    Minfulness



Sculpture hunt

Search high and low, down meandering pathways and beyond closed doors and discover hundreds of sculptures at GFS. Create your own teams and you’ll have 45 minutes to find nine works of art located throughout the 42-acres.

Sculpture Hunt    Sculpture Hunt Answer Key

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