James Barton

2002 - metal: aluminum

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In the aptly named 'Constellation' by James Barton, three undulating stems waver upwards, ending in spherical masses and then continue on, becoming arching curves along which other spheres appear to travel in cosmic rotation. About the sculpture, Barton has stated, “Constellation is a reference to objects moving in space.” The sense of movement in the sculpture is dynamic and imparts the understanding that these forms, according to Barton, “are traveling and not at their final place of rest.” Another aspect of interest to the artist is the effect that the sun itself will have on the sculpture as it casts shadows onto the earth, offering a two-dimensional version of this celestial composition.

About the Work
About the Work
metal: aluminum
overall: 169 in x 138 in x 102 in
sand cast, aluminum reinforcement fabricated and welded on inside
Related Work:
original maquette of Constellation cast in bronze in 2000
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.
Constellation by James Barton

© Artist or Artist's Estate, photo: David Steele

  • Constellation by James Barton