'The Composer I'

Heinz Aeschlimann

2003 - metal: steel, stainless

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Elegant yet playful, 'Composer I', by Swiss sculptor Heinz Aeschlimann is comprised of three similar but separate stainless steel elements that combine to form a strong and harmonious single unit. This visual unity is furthered as one views the sculpture in the round and discovers that the elements work together to suggest a sense of movement and growth. It is important to note that Aeschlimann coordinates this harmony between the elements by first working with small scale models – the slight differences in the positioning of each element influences the composition of the whole work. Aeschlimann himself describes the complex symbiotic relationship between the three steel elements: "I closely communicate with the environment, observing the perpetual confrontation and tension between resistance and harmony, nature, technology and humanity. …The sculpture Composer I represents a team of three. The Composer, standing vertically represents the basic element, directing the two secondary elements to coexist in harmony. The concave and convex shapes present a playful but coordinated elegance. These partially overlapping surfaces, constructed in various layers appear to be living organisms in various states of growth or decay, [and show the] interplay of light, color and shadow."1 1Heinz Aeschlimann. http://www.pierwalk.org/gallery.php?Year=2003&ID=18 (16 Aug. 2006).
About the Work
About the Work
metal: steel, stainless
overall: 144 in x 204 in x 120 in
welded, powdercoated
Courtesy of the Artist
The Composer I by Heinz Aeschlimann

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  • The Composer I by Heinz Aeschlimann