Isaac Witkin

1994 - stone: Blue Mountain granite

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"…the masses seem at once like primordial “lumps”—essential, dense volumes from which all organic life springs—and cloudlike. They are simultaneously earthbound and weightless, geologic, body-like, and even ephemeral. Which association dominates seems to depend on how the masses are disposed in space, whether they lean, tilt, slouch, or are hoisted defiantly into the air."–Karen Wilkin, curator and critic The above passage by Karen Wilkin eloquently expresses the essence of Isaac Witkin’s stone sculpture—'Eolith'. Soaring 14 feet up into the sky, weighing approximately 20,000 pounds and made of Blue Mountain granite, 'Eolith' was previously on exhibit at Grounds For Sculpture in 1995 as part of the sculpture park’s Spring/Summer Exhibitions. While Witkin is principally known for his bold and formal constructivist steel pieces from the 1960’s and later for his soft-edged, organic bronze pieces, 'Eolith' stands as an example of the artist’s first opportunity in 1994 to work with and explore stone as a sculptural medium.

About the Work
About the Work
stone: Blue Mountain granite
overall: 168 in x 96 in x 48 in
machine and hand carved
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.