2020 Members' Musings




Comments on the Contemporary
December 1, 2020 – February 28, 2021

An annual exhibition at Grounds For Sculpture, this year’s Members’ Musings is the eleventh show featuring artwork exclusively by members of Grounds For Sculpture. In addition to supporting the arts, many GFS members are gifted artists themselves. This exhibition showcases the diversity of the organization’s membership through their varied artistic creations and unique inspirations. Due to the closure of our galleries, this year’s exhibition will be online only and featured on Grounds For Sculpture’s website.

Throughout history artists have expressed and processed world events through their work, prompting collective acceptance, healing and even at times, change. Grounds For Sculpture seeks works that comment on the successes, failures, and opinions of the modern world. From the global pandemic to social injustice, climate change, scientific advancements and globalization, the dawn of the 2020’s has brought us even further into an era of rapid change with a recent abundance of opportunity for much needed retrospection. What do you think of our ever-changing world and its impact on the future?





     Áine Mickey



This exhibition is juried by Áine Mickey, a Trenton-based independent curator, artist and creative consultant. Having established BSB Gallery, Mickey held the position of co-curator and manager, creating exhibitions and teaching programs to engage the community and advance arts and cultural expression from 2018-2020. As a Trenton native, Mickey has worked closely with the Orchid Group, the non-profit SAGE Coalition and has a background in community organization, small and large arts programming and management, and has created numerous open call and invitational exhibitions. She has taught extensive classes and workshops with national organizations, leading children and young adult programing focused on identity and morality through art. She has extensive knowledge of digital art and photographic practices, with a sharp focus on conceptual artistic expression and material.







The Fan Man
Vincent Conte, The Fan Man, July 10, 2020; synthesizer, vocals, and samples, 3:54 run time. Album art by Sergio Brinatti.

Collection of the Artist



Artist Talk
Artist talk with the participants of annual Members’ Musings exhibition as they discussed their works in reflecting the events and experiences of the past year. Recorded December 19, 2020.
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