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Likeness 1
  • On View
    March 30, 2024 — April 28, 2024
  • Location

    Education Gallery

The talented artists of Arc Mercer proudly welcome you to explore Likeness : an exhibition of sculptures that represent the complex identities of the artists who created it.

Together with the Education team and volunteers at Grounds For Sculpture, the theme of self-expression and the human form naturally emerged. Through the exploration of materials and collaborative art-making sessions, each sculpture tells a story and speaks to the soul of the artist. Join us in this celebration of joyful creativity and allow Likeness to inspire you to embrace the unique essence that makes you who you are!

Arc Mercer is a non-profit agency devoted to supporting individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Mercer County. In addition to vocational training, Arc Mercer offers various artistic programs, such as music, drama and visual art, which allow participants to express themselves creatively. We at the Arc know the beauty of art is that it enables individuals to find their own voice and show the world who they truly are.

The Artists: Kevin Triplet, Donna Hanby, Bryan Lopez, Nasira Mcdavison, Trachaun Robinson, Melvin Ware, Velinda Ramsey, Nancy Green, Tim Richter, Taashad Johnson, Jonah Waters, Joseph Ranello, Shawn Sankar, Shelly Burstyn, Bobby Allen, Emmanuel Leroy, Saket Bolisetty, Roberto Tirado, Darryl Mcwhite-Young, Matthew Spain, Kevin Pearce, Taj Kelly, Melanie Staton

Arc Mercer Staff: Caryn Coyle, Shanequa Tarver, Cheron Lewis, Robert Graham, Meazee Berrian, Uldad Posy, Aloysius Sirleaf, Taquise Hill, Alex Debee, Danielle Nyenapo

This exhibition is supported in part by NRG

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