Family Ceramics

Work together to create a decorative bowl for your family table. Participants will have fun rolling coils in clay, turning them into pinwheels and geometric shapes then forming them over a mold to connect them. Individual coils will represent the uniqueness of each contributor.

Instructor: Léni Paquet-Morante (BFA Mason Gross School of the Arts) has been interpreting landscape through a contemporary lens for over thirty years through painting, drawing, print, and sculptural projects. Her interest in shallow water systems includes puddles and storm drains, marshlands and creeks, tidal fields, and tide pools. Widely exhibited in the New Jersey region since 1984, she has work in the current NJ State Museum’s Arts Annual. Raised in Maryland, she moved to NJ in 1984 to create sculpture at the Johnson Atelier. Her studio is in the Motor Exhibit Building at Grounds for Sculpture.

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