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Petro Hul

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“It is through sculpture that I explore my reverence for the natural world, and it is through stone that I best express these ideas. I have chosen stone as my primary medium because it is a material “of the earth”. Stone is very much alive to me.” – Petro Hul, artist’s statement from website

Born in Trenton, NJ into a Ukrainian-German family, Hul grew up in the post-industrial climate of Trenton. With an affinity for soccer and sports, he had an early leaning towards studing sports medicine. However his work in various trades such a carpentry and masonry developed in him a love of craftsmanship and working with his hands. He has acquired over twelve years of foundry and casting experience at both the Johnson Atelier and at a small foundry in Arizona. In 2000, he was one of the crew tasked with building the armature for “Sue the Dinosaur” on display at the Field Museum in Chicago. In 2005 he earned his MFA in sculpture from Rutgers University’s Macon Gross School of the Arts.

Beginning in 1988, Hul’s exhibition history includes the prestigious Sedona Sculpture Walks in Arizona and that city’s annual Hillside Sculpture Invitationals; Stone Carver’s Annuals in Redstone, Colorado; and gallery and museum shows in New York and New Jersey. Currently, Hul lives in Taos, NM.

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