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Michelle Post

  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Trenton, NJ
1. photo: courtesy of the artist

Self-taught New Jersey native Michelle Post recollects her involvement with the visual arts began before 5th grade. A highly skilled painter, sculptor and printmaker, her education in the arts has been formed through associations and apprenticeships with artists she admires. Building on her natural talent and affinity for art, she expanded her skills by seeking out opportunities to work alongside artists who would assist in her artistic growth, from whom she gained both knowledge and expertise.

In 1976, she apprenticed with printmaker Stefan Martin to learn the intricate and highly detailed technique of wood engraving. Martin was a resident of Roosevelt, NJ. Created as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal, Roosevelt, NJ was built in the 1930s, conceived as a cooperative farm project. With artist Ben Shahn leading the way, Roosevelt soon developed into an artist’s community. Through her association with Stefan Martin, Post came into contact with other prominent Roosevelt artists, including Bernarda Shahn, David Stone Martin, Jacob Landau and Gregorio Prestopino.

In 1986 Post joined the ranks of the many gifted artists at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture. Here, surrounded by boundless creative energy and many opportunities for personal artistic exploration, her work continued to evolve. Sculpture became her main focus.

In 2002, her work at the Johnson Atelier led her into a project that involved carving Styrofoam. The results of this project led to a new discovery for Post, who never considered herself a carver but was intrigued by the results. She continues to explore carving in her work, particularly focusing on heads and busts.

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