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Masayuki Koorida

  • Nationality Japanese
  • Birthplace Kyoto, Japan
  • Birth Date b. 1960
1. photo: Grounds For Sculpture

Meditation is essential to Koorida’s creative process. He wants the viewers of his works to find great power in the reflective surfaces. The surfaces are painstakingly achieved by the constant grinding and polishing with diamond grinding wheels over countless days and hours, a repetitive process which allows him to completely immerse himself. Koorida’s drawings represent an important extension of this process. In his drawings, Koorida creates precise forms and compositions which are achieved by bearing down on a graphite stick while he draws the images. Such physicality and the repetitive patterning achieved in the dense markings mimic the high degree of focus he gives to the physical polishing of his sculptures. Koorida sees the physical buildup of the graphite on paper as sculptures on paper, and not two-dimensional illustrations.

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