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LN Tallur

  • Nationality Indian
  • Birthplace Karnataka, India
  • Birth Date b. 1971
1. photo: courtesy of the artist

Tallur LN is a conceptual, multi-disciplined artist. Building on the rich sculptural traditions of India, Tallur often makes reference to ancient Indian iconography, Hindu symbols, and mythology. By pairing the sacred with the secular, handmade with machine-made, decorative with functional, he purposefully obscures, transforms, and subverts the traditional reading of these historic references. The work speaks to the complexity of the global world we live in, creating a dynamic tension between the past and the present while provoking questions about the future.

Tallur splits his time between his rural family home in Karnataka, India and the industrial urban city of Daegu, South Korea. The process of moving between cultures informs his truly global view and brings a fresh perspective to his daily life, politics, technology, and mythology. A museum studies education influenced his focus on ideas, values, traditions, and the questions (politics) of representation and display.

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