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Kang Muxiang

  • Nationality Taiwanese
  • Birthplace Taiwan
  • Birth Date b. 1961 courtesy of the artist

Kang Muxiang’s six monumental, thoughtful, environmental and powerful sculptures embryonic sculptures, created using recycled elevator cables from Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest buildings will be on view at six locations across Grounds For Sculptures 42-acre sculpture park and arboretum through mid-2020.
Born in 1961 in northern Taiwan’s Miaoli County, Kang began studying woodcarving at the age of 13. Kang’s experience during his 2002 yearlong isolation on Guishan (Turtle Island) off the coast of northeastern Taiwan’s Yilan County motivated him to create his life series of sculptures.
Two achievements of modern sculpture include the readymade feature of the industrial product, the other an emphasis on substance. Both principles converge in the steel sculptures of Kang Muxiang.
In 2013, Kang Muxiang was invited by Taipei 101 to create and environmentally friendly artwork with the steel cables that were previously used in the 101 floor elevators. Kang’s work titled ’Unlimited Life’ was exhibited at the plaza of the Taipei 101 building and received considerable attention. In addition to wood and elevator cables, Kang has produced other sculptures using bronze and stainless steel.

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