'Untitled (Steelroots)'

Steve Tobin

- metal: steel

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The 'Steelroots' series is a take off from Tobin's earlier bronze roots in the 'Earth Bronze' series. Tobin began by extracting as much of an entire root structure of a dead tree as possible which he would then cast in bronze. That which was hidden under the ground was then presented in cast bronze in all its intricate glory. As his work with the Roots series evolved into 'Steelroots', the forms became more abstracted and monumental. Tobin also relates the Steelroots forms to Japanese calligraphy and compares the interplay between the sculpture and shadows cast by the work to written characters.

About the Work
About the Work
metal: steel
overall: 16 ft x 13 ft x 24 ft
fabricated, painted
Steelroots series
Collection of the Artist

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Untitled (Steelroots) by Steve Tobin

photo: Ken Ek

  • Untitled (Steelroots) by Steve Tobin