Kenneth Payne

1997 - metal: iron

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Made in the artist’s studio in Buffalo, New York, 'Spector 'was first exhibited during the Third International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art held at Grounds For Sculpture in April of 1998. The work is now part of the collection on view at Grounds For Sculpture. The irregular form tapers upward from a block-like base, then becomes rounder and fuller, a composition that plays with the viewer’s perception of the work. This illusion of floating upward, like a drifting puff of smoke, suggests a sculpture that is flowing and light, when in actuality it is made from a heavy, dense metal. Left in its natural state, the iron has rusted to form a velvety, rich orange-brown finish. 'Spector' was made from cast iron using the lost wax technique.

About the Work
About the Work
metal: iron
overall: 54 in x 16 in x 9 in
lost wax cast
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.

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Spector by Kenneth Payne

© Artist or Artist's Estate, photo: David W. Steele

  • Spector by Kenneth Payne
  • Spector by Kenneth Payne