Claudia Aranovich

2001 - metal: steel, painted; polyester fiberglass resin

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Claudia Aranovich reminds us of our commonly shared ties to nature, ties that are not confined according to national boundaries, and creates a body of work that is diverse, yet universal in its meaning. Her sculptures often incorporate or are realized in translucent resins, a material that can be molded or poured in layers. In a metaphorical sense, it allows the artist “to create organic masses that could appear as a sea of amniotic liquid where memories may be found floating…” In 'Rupture', one of her more powerful pieces. Aranovich has combined a hard-edged geometric form of steel with a resin interior that protrudes from one end. It appears that the clear portion is being revealed, and through its light and energy is dissolving and destroying the constricting metal encasement.

About the Work
About the Work
metal: steel, painted; polyester fiberglass resin
overall: 27 in x 105 in x 28 in
TIG welded and painted steel (Storm Gray Met-PPG MTK5407 A), cast low-shrinkage polyester resin
Gift of the Artist
Rupture by Claudia Aranovich

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  • Rupture by Claudia Aranovich