'Ripper/Body Bone'

Jim Huntington

1993-96 - stone: granite

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The challenge Jim Huntington sets forth for himself as an artist is to maintain the inherent qualities of the medium, while imbuing his sculptures with metamorphic representations of intangible human emotions. He often juxtaposes two sculptural elements, not always made of the same materials. Large sculptures from the 1980s contrasted angular sheets of metal with rough, minimally worked, massive stone pieces. Those from the next decade paired organic stone forms with thin curvilinear lengths of tree branches stripped of their bark. In 'Ripper/Body Bone' stone is countered by stone - two autonomous, anthropomorphic forms placed in harmonious balance. This work, made from granite quarried in Pennsylvania, belongs to Huntington’s 'Imaginal Body Series'. According to the artist, the series is distinguished by its “referential content of ambiguous bodies that are sometimes seen as human, sometimes animal, sometimes other more esoteric forms.” The intent is to offer a poetic, but plastic presence that will provoke each viewer’s own interpretation and experiences and personal vision.

About the Work
About the Work
stone: granite
overall: 71 in x 54 in x 32 in
hand carved
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.
Ripper/Body Bone by Jim Huntington

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  • Ripper/Body Bone by Jim Huntington
  • Ripper/Body Bone by Jim Huntington