Philip Grausman

1993 - metal: aluminum

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Philip Grausman has risen to become one of the most well-acclaimed portrait sculptors of his time. Grausman's portraits take on a realistic nature, giving life and personality to his figures. Large-scale Leucantha stands tall with a stoic persona. Grausman's fine workmanship and choice of material, cast aluminum, gives Leucantha a silky complexion making her seem ageless--belonging to no specific period of time. The female head is carried gracefully on a muscled neck imparting inner strength and self-assuredness.

About the Work
About the Work
metal: aluminum
overall: 108 in x 118 in x 118 in
cast, Luminore coating
Edition, 1/3
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.
Leucantha by Philip Grausman

© Artist or Artist's Estate, photo: David Steele

  • Leucantha by Philip Grausman
  • Leucantha by Philip Grausman
  • Leucantha by Philip Grausman