Peter DeCamp Haines

1988 - metal: bronze

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Peter DeCamp Haines’ work is heavily influenced by the use of animal and human shapes found symbolically interpreted through archeological artifacts and ceremonial tools. Hand, monumental in scale and stylized in form, suggests the primitive symbolism of ancient artifacts while also reflecting the artist’s interest in the human form. The outline of the shape of the hand, open in the center, creates a compelling use of negative space that allows the form to become a window to the world around it. In an age where the term “carbon footprint” is a household phrase, Hand becomes a powerful symbol of man’s impact on nature. At the same time harmony is achieved by allowing the center of the sculpture to become a frame on which to view the natural world. Nature and man become one.

"An advantage of sculpture is that ideas such as wholeness, beauty, timelessness can be expressed without words. One of the elements of this wordless expression is negative space. A doughnut is defined by its hole. It one accepts space as part of the doughnut, where does the doughnut end? Thus the doorways, windows, silhouettes of my sculptures can suggest an area larger than the sculpture itself."-Peter DeCamp Haines

About the Work
About the Work
metal: bronze
overall: 132 in x 204 in x 60 in
Collection of the Artist
Hand by Peter DeCamp Haines

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  • Hand by Peter DeCamp Haines