'Compression and Expansion'

Ron Mehlman

2000 - stone: onyx; other: plate glass

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'Compression and Expansion' joins light-an ephemeral, intangible phenomenon-with stone. By incorporating the first and sculpting them together, the usual inherent characteristics of stone, its weight, density and solidity, are questioned by the viewer. Here Mehleman cut away at the onyx, layer by layer, on one side to allow it to become translucent and to also expose the inner, glowing golden color. Plates of glass, placed on end and compressed by the onyx on both sides, form another conduit for light, further adding to the work’s luminosity while contrasting with the natural hues and the wide variety of unique textures of the stone’s untouched surface areas. About this work Mehlman has stated, “I juxtapose the warm translucency of the stone against the cold watery transparency of the layered glass. The textured edges, the strict verticals, and the naturally occurring surface drawing are remindful of the paintings of some abstract expressionists.” Prior to its arrival at Grounds For Sculpture, 'Compression and Expansion' was on view in Pietrasanta, Italy, for the artist’s one-person exhibition in 2002, which was organized by Galleria La Subbia. Several other examples of his stone and glass sculpture were on view at Grounds For Sculpture for the Fall/Winter 1998-1999 Exhibition, and during the following summer, a bronze work by Mehlman was featured in the The Sculptors Guild: A Group Exhibition.

About the Work
About the Work
stone: onyx; other: plate glass
overall: 51 in x 61 in x 24 in
carved, cut; artist applied water repellent silicone upon creation
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.
Compression and Expansion by Ron Mehlman

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  • Compression and Expansion by Ron Mehlman
  • Compression and Expansion by Ron Mehlman
  • Compression and Expansion by Ron Mehlman