Autin Wright

2003 - other: fiberglass

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Although most of the artist's work in the sculpture park is represented by marble and aluminum, Autin Wright has always been open and experimental with diverse materials. His sculptures have an evocative, dynamic presence. For 'Regina', the artist has experimented with a new process for creating sculpture using epoxy-coated foam and cast polyester to produce the blue-green work on display by Rat’s Restaurant. The entire process took nearly five years as the artist moved from concept to completion. Wright began with hundreds of drawings using floral shapes as inspiration. Whereas the organic form of Free Form III is based on the leaves of a tulip, Regina is based on the petals of a flower. Following, he modeled the form in clay in order to further refine his vision for the final curving and enveloping form. At night interior illumination transforms 'Regina', making the sculpture translucent, and activating the surface to show the mark of the artist’s hand.

About the Work
About the Work
other: fiberglass
overall: 96 in x 168 in x 72 in
cast from mold, chromabase clear coat applied
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.
Regina by Autin Wright

photo: David W. Steele

  • Regina by Autin Wright