Sculpture Along the Way: Offsite Exhibition Program

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Grounds For Sculpture (GFS) was established in 1992 to promote an understanding of and appreciation for contemporary sculpture for all people by:

  • Maintaining a 42-acre sculpture park composed of works by well-known and emerging American and international artists in Hamilton, NJ
  • Organizing accessible exhibitions
  • Interpreting these exhibitions through publications, lectures, workshops and other educational programs.

In accordance with its mission, Grounds For Sculpture presents visitors with an evolving permanent outdoor collection, seasonal exhibitions, and educational programs designed to facilitate the understanding of and appreciation for contemporary sculpture.

To further expand our educational programs and our ability to facilitate understanding and appreciation for contemporary sculpture, GFS offers the Offsite Exhibition Program to bring sculpture to locations outside of the physical grounds of GFS.

Each multi- year program is designed to connect area corporations with working sculptors to create a sculpture exhibition  that includes additional educational opportunities for the host corporation’s employees and their families, the public and Grounds For Sculpture Members. Host corporations have the benefit of a knowledgeable partner in GFS, who will work with the corporation to provide connections to contemporary area sculptors and assist them with the curation of an exhibition within their own location, creating an environment of creativity, inspiration and beauty for their staff, employees and visitors.


Curation of the Exhibition

Through a clear understanding of the goals of both the participating organization and GFS, the curatorial staff at GFS will partner with the organization to create a site specific exhibition. All exhibitions must be placed in the fully ADA accessible public or common area of the location to ensure the general public will have access to the exhibition.

GFS curatorial staff will act as jurors to select several artists to present works for consideration for inclusion in the exhibition.  Based on the budget for each Offsite Exhibition sculpted works can either be on loan from the artist to the organization or works can be purchased from the artist by the corporation and remain on permanent display at their location.

Sculptural works for consideration will presented by GFS in a PowerPoint presentation with specifics as to materials used, dimensions, weight, overall footprint and additional requirements such as lighting, electricity, etc.  The presentation will allow for members of the organization's executive committee, board of directors or headquarters to review options for place and gain consensus on the exhibition prior to installation. 

GFS and the organization will work together to create the final selection of pieces to be exhibited at the corporate location.


Curation of the Educational Components of the Exhibit

As an Offsite Exhibition by GFS a variety of educational experiences will be created to further the mission of GFS.  The Curator of Education at GFS will create a series of touch points and workshops open to employees and their families, the public and GFS Members. These events and activities will serve to further the GFS educational mission. Examples of some of the types of activities that can be provided are listed below:

Exhibition Brochure
The curatorial staff of GFS will create the content for a brochure to describe the exhibition, the artists and their works, placing them in the greater context  of contemporary sculpture. Brochures will be printed by the partner organization.

Exposure for the Offsite Exhibition Program
GFS will include the Offsite Exhibition on the GFS website at Details on the Offsite Exhibit will be promoted via email to GFS opt-in list for weekly emails. Press releases will be distributed to area news media and art publications as appropriate. GFS can provide information on GFS and the Offsite Exhibition Program for use in internal organizational publications.

Private Exhibition Opening Reception & Meet the Artist
A reception with light refreshments to launch the opening of the exhibition.  The chief curator and the featured sculptors will make themselves available for an event held at the organization's location to open the exhibit to the organization staff, employees and featured guests of the organization. Refreshment costs to be covered by the host organization.

Meet the Artist Lecture
A one hour talk by the featured artist to be offered at the corporate host’s location. The featured artist would share their personal vision on creating their work, the process used to create the piece on exhibit and some of their other works and commissions they have created over the years. This personal look into the creative process is a unique offering GFS can bring to the host organization's constituents. 

Public Exhibition Opening
A reception with light refreshments to the opening of the exhibition.  The featured sculptor will be available for an event held at the organization's location to open the exhibit to the public and GFS Members. Refreshments costs to be covered by the host organization.

Hands on Workshops
The GFS curator of education will create a workshop for the organization staff and employees that builds awareness of the process used to by the featured sculptor to create the pieces on display at the exhibition. Workshops are an ideal teambuilding exercise for the organization and can also be expanded to include employee’s families as well.

Discounted Admission to GFS
As a part of the Offsite Exhibition Program, a specially priced admission to GFS for organization staff and employees can be offered. The day’s events can include Sculpture Scavenger Hunts, additional arts workshops and tours of GFS.


Logistics of the Offsite Exhibition Program

GFS will assist the organization with the loan agreements for each work to be included in the exhibition.  The loan agreement will be made between the artist and the organization, however GFS will assist in the preparation and coordination of the loan agreement between both parties.  Additionally, an exhibition contract will be made between the host organization and GFS that outlines the costs for preparing the sculpture(s) for exhibition, loan fees if applicable, incoming and outgoing shipping, and installation and deinstallation costs. GFS staff or third parties hired by GFS will handle all aspects of installation and shipping.  Insurance to cover the sculpture(s) and all related liability will be the responsibility of the host organization.

Funding for the Offsite Exhibition Program

Based on a pre-established budget from the hosting organization, GFS will select sculpture(s) to meet the goals of the project. Costs related to sculpture loan or purchase, installation and deinstallation, and shipping will be provided to the organization.

All costs related to the Offsite Exhibition must be covered by the host organization in the form of an exhibition sponsorship or outright donation to GFS. Grounds For Sculpture, Inc. is a nonprofit organization as defined in section 501(c) (3) of the IRS Code.  Your gift is fully deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Offsite Exhibition costs can range in price depending on the number of sculptures, the medium and overall dimensions, the location of the work and installation requirements. The base cost of the program begins at $35,000 and can run into the hundreds of thousands for more complex projects.

For more information and to customize an Offsite Exhibition Program for your organization, please contact Rhonda DiMascio at (609) 249-0233 or