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THE WORK OF AMERICAN SCULPTOR SEWARD JOHNSON IS MOST ASSOCIATED WITH HIS PUBLIC SCULPTURES, INSTALLED WORLDWIDE. But prior to such celebrity there is little doubt today about the significance of the year 1968 in Seward Johnson’s career trajectory. That was the year he won the U.S. Steel “Design in Steel” international sculpture competition, an event that would change his life forever and launch his career from evolving painter to sculptor on a scale mightier than he or anyone else could have imagined.

The sheer confidence and validity he gained by winning the competition began a juggernaut of productivity, innovation, and creativity that not only forged his own destiny but inspired and propelled the careers of hundreds, if not thousands, of other sculptors who benefited from Johnson’s thirst to expand the medium of sculpture in the world. He did this through the creation of the Johnson Atelier, which grew into one of the most innovative art foundries in the world. While Johnson was busy casting his own works in bronze, artists from around the world came to the Atelier to learn about sculpting techniques and to cast their own major works.

Not stopping there, Johnson matched his mammoth Atelier efforts by expanding the reach of sculpture across the globe; he led the International Sculpture Center (ISC) out of certain dissolution in the late 1970s to become a world force in the discourse about sculpture through its noted conferences and publications.

By 1980, as Johnson served as the Chairman of ISC at its historic Washington, D.C. conference, twelve years had already elapsed since he had won the sculpture competition. He continued to blaze across the world of sculpture in the coming decades creating four major series of work and installing hundreds of public sculptures worldwide.

Now, in 2014, we can see the results of what the spark of that sculpture competition ignited. After nearly five decades of Johnson’s astounding artistic output, more than 285 of his works are amassed to be enjoyed within the buildings and grounds of the sculpture park he created. Grounds For Sculpture is the natural place to view and appreciate the art of its founder. It is in fact the truly perfect place to take a memorable journey through the artist’s decades of work.