Membership FAQ

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If I get a Family or Family Plus Membership, who is included?
The cardholder and another adult in the immediate family along with as many children or grandchildren 17 and under allowed by the level of membership are included.

What are guest passes?
Guest passes are one-time use admission tickets to the sculpture park. They do not expire, can be given to whomever you like, and the member does not need to accompany this guest. We have a new format for guest passes, but the old format will still be honored.

Can I give a gift of GFS Membership?
Yes! GFS Memberships make wonderful gifts for all occasions, Mother’s or Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or graduations. Please indicate whether you want us to send the welcome package to you or the gift recipient.

About my Rat’s restaurant discounts: How many people can I have in my party? Can I get a discount at Rat’s Brunch? What about special dinners?
Members receive 10% off their meal for up to 8 people in the party including Sunday Brunch. Specially priced dinners at Rat’s are not included. Please present your Membership card in order to receive your discount.

About my Gift shop discounts: Are sale or consignment items included?
Membership discounts apply to regularly priced items only. Consignment items are not included.

How many discounted tickets or registrations for GFS events and workshops do I get with my membership?
The amount corresponds to your level of membership. Please contact GFS Registrations for more info.

What happens if I lose my membership card and guest passes?
GFS will issue you one replacement membership card per year. A new barcode is issued with each card, making the lost card inactive. We are sorry, but guest passes cannot be replaced.

How many membership cards do I get?
One membership card is issued per membership. It can include the names of both adults on the membership. If the membership card is not present, please present a photo ID and our Guest Services staff can look any member up in the system.

How often does GFS print catalogs?
GFS creates special catalogs depending on the exhibition. These will only be given to Contributor, Sustainer, and Benefactor level members when available.

What does Go Green mean?
GFS has an initiative to cut down on paper waste by sending communications by email. GFS members who sign up to Go Green will still receive their welcome packets and new member cards by mail, but other forms of communication including the event guides will be sent electronically.