'The Caged Bird Dances II'

Meryl Taradash

2001 - metal: aluminum, stainless steel

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"My sculpture is designed to move with the wind and change with the light. The unpredictability of natural forces is essential to my work as a sculptor. I want people to see these elements in my work. As an artist, I am interested in creating public art because I believe it affects people in subtle and unexpected ways, and I also believe that movement invites participation. Each of my completed sculptures assumes a life of its own, totally dependent upon the will of the wind and the light of the sun." —Meryl Taradash

Composed of aluminum and stainless steel 'The Caged Bird Dances II' incorporates a third and a fourth medium—wind and light. Intricately engineered and gracefully balanced within two curvaceous lines, the kinetic motion radiates from within the central core of the sculpture. The innermost spiral responds to the wind, accelerating and decelerating its rotation as it catches and reflects the light. Like many of Taradash’s works, 'The Caged Bird Dances II' celebrates human gesture and thought. One is invited to experience this kinetic work, marvel at its motion, and perhaps make up a story as to why “the caged bird dances.”

About the Work
About the Work
metal: aluminum, stainless steel
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.
The Caged Bird Dances II by Meryl Taradash

  • The Caged Bird Dances II by Meryl Taradash
  • The Caged Bird Dances II by Meryl Taradash