Mary Frank

1980 - metal: bronze

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Frank draws on her memories, dreams and myths for the content of her work. Unlike many of her more entirely figurative sculptural pieces of the seventies, 'Sundia'l is a departure from this vein. Highly geometric, a rough-hewn triangular pedestal is topped by an irregular circle with an inset symmetrical triangle encompassing figures of a human, a horse and another bird-like creature sitting atop the horse. Originally made in clay and then cast in bronze, the main column of the piece was made of uneven and joined slab-work in similar triangular configuration as the inset triangle. The upper portion, employing a similar technique, is contrasted by the eminent triangle as the focal point, where the figures reside. Middling in their detail, the figures bring us center-stage to the heart of the piece. 'Sundial 1', a ceramic piece, was added to the collection of the Plattsburg State Art Museum in NY. This piece is similar to the one at GFS. However, 'Sundial 1' has only one figure within the triangular section and images of horses and people, reminiscent of archaic cave wall drawings are stamped into the base. Frank has never limited herself to just one artistic medium. A mere three years after creating these pieces, Frank made a departure from sculpture to concentrate on painting. This exodus, though not complete, has lasted well into the twenty-first century.

About the Work
About the Work
metal: bronze
overall: 46 in x 17 in x 11 1/2 in
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.
Sundial by Mary Frank

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  • Sundial by Mary Frank
  • Sundial by Mary Frank