Robert Strang

2000 - metal: aluminum

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'Solemn' is a large-scale, curvilinear cast work. The cast sections were juxtaposed and welded into a stately, open form that thrusts the eye upward to experience the orbiting activity of the top portion. The materials were manipulated to produce various textures that add to the visual effects and emotive qualities. The overall, brilliant metallic blue surface contributes to the dynamic energy emitted by the piece while also providing a strong unifying element. As an abstract artist, Strang strives to create an object that is free of mimesis and decoration in order to provoke the viewer’s mind to wonder and gain entry into a visually stimulating first-time experience. The artist’s concern is with capturing a mood, and imaginatively and sensuously sustaining it through his creativity, rather than producing a representation of a memory of fantasy. He has stated that the title, 'Solemn', refers to “the ceremonious aspect of looking. I look upward and inward for direction. …the sculpture offers a temporary state of resolve, or at best, comfort.”

About the Work
About the Work
metal: aluminum
overall: 100 in x 81 in x 60 in
cast, welded, painted
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.