Zero Higashida

2005 - metal: steel, stainless

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'Sinjin', by Japanese sculptor Zero Higashida, is a seemingly quiet yet extraordinarily complex work of art. Aesthetically, the work simultaneously possesses both heavily textured and smooth stainless steel surfaces. As Toru Haga, President of Kyoto University of Art and Design comments, “[Higashida’s sculptures] are determined to show their surfaces under the hottest sunshine of the summer or the coldest wintery wind at dusk." – 'Praying Sculpture', in 'Zero Higashida: Recent Sculpture' (New York: Robert Steele Gallery, 15 September-15 October 2005), p. 5. Higashida’s abstract works convey strength in form and shape. 'Sinjin' is part of Higashida’s 'Messaiah series'-the word “Messaiah” as coined by Higashida is comprised of the words “message” and “messiah.” Spiritual and religious in nature, the works express the artist’s hope for world peace. Higashida states, “There is nothing more important than world peace. I strongly believe that expressing world peace is the only role that art can truly have.” – 'The Weight of Memory', Sculpture Magazine, April 2005, p. 51 Additionally, the artist notes, “I think that art can heal and has been healing history. People are able to link heaven and the real world by training their imagination. I would say that an artist is someone who conveys a spiritual message to the real world.” – 'The Weight of Memory', Sculpture Magazine, April 2005, p. 49
About the Work
About the Work
metal: steel, stainless
overall: 69 in x 75 in x 51 in
Courtesy of the Artist
Sinjin by Zero Higashida

© Artist or Artist's Estate

  • Sinjin by Zero Higashida
  • Sinjin by Zero Higashida
  • Sinjin by Zero Higashida