'Sigh (The Morning You Left)'

Jesse Moore

1993 - wood: poplar; metal: steel

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"Jesse Moore's sculpture utilizes readily discernible shapes that are fabricated in wood and assembled into beautifully architectural and animated structures. Many of Moore's surfaces initially appear smooth and round, however, upon closer examination one discovers that these geometric shapes are in fact constructed from a multitude of planar pieces, fused at subtle angular increments to form complete curvatures. The scale of her work demands from the viewer a form of dual observation. First, one must survey the perimeter to experience the overall structure and secondly, engage in an intimate investigation of the mass of connected parts that espress each works' mathematical spirit."- Jack Delap, from the Grounds For Sculpture 1995 seasonal exhibition catalogue Breath, like wind, is invisible, until it makes contact with the visible. We breath in, we exhale a big, deep sigh. It is letting go. It is releasing. It can be freeing and spacious. Jesse Moore utilizes the shape of the trumpet, a well known symbol for sound, to illustrate her concept. Following the deep intake of breath, the exhaled sigh is audible and magnified in importance by the two oversized trumpet shapes created from a patchwork of poplar, centered, and secured firmly by a crossed heart of steel. The trumpets extend into an attached harness resembling lung shapes, the lungs being the origin of the sigh.

About the Work
About the Work
wood: poplar; metal: steel
overall: 92 in x 108 in x 72 in
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.