Mark Parsons

2012-2013 - paper pulp, epoxy, rebar

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Connecting people to art and artists is important to us at Grounds For Sculpture. In October 2012, we offered the community a special opportunity to work side-by-side with an artist from beginning to end to construct a work of art, Redline. Our artist in residence was Brooklyn artist Mark Parsons, whose work often explores themes of mapping and time. In this work, community volunteers were asked to remember a place from childhood or from some memory in the past, and then recreate this place on a larger scale drawing. Individual memories were mapped to create a network of lines and angles, and as the drawings overlapped, a true community work was created. Parsons then used this drawing as a guideline for the construction of the final work, with red lines, made of paper pulp and epoxy, representing the original lines on the page. A layer of white paper pulp was layered over and around the red lines. As the white paper gradually deteriorates the original line drawing will be revealed.
About the Work
About the Work
paper pulp, epoxy, rebar
overall: 120 in x 96 in x 48 in
hand-made paper mixed with epoxy and hand molded to wood form