'Nude Descending the Stare Case'

Frederick Morante

2007 - other: foam with Luminore coating, stainless steel armature

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Scaling (or rather descending) the brick wall of the Seward Johnson Center for the Arts is Frederick Morante's sculpture 'Nude Descending the Stare Case'. Morante's new, slightly larger than life-size work of art is based on a smaller version of Nude Descending the Stare Case that the artist created in 1993 that was on display in the sculpture park's Water Garden. The smaller sculpture is just over 3 feet tall and cast in bronze. Morante's desire to increase the size of the work to nearly 7 feet was made possible through the use of digital technology wherein computers and specialized software allow artists to laser-scan and digitally enlarge models or smaller works. The digital models are then translated into foam by a state-of-the-art mill—the finished work retains all of the intricate details of the model while reducing the cost of production and the amount of time it takes to create a large-scale work of art. Morante's sculpture is executed in foam and is finished with LuminOre wherein liquid metal is sprayed onto the sculpted foam resulting in a work that is lightweight and weather durable. 'Nude Descending the Stare Case' was created at the Digital Atelier, a division of the Johnson Atelier in Mercerville, NJ. Morante's female nude is rendered in a classical style. She finds herself situated in an unconventional composition and is seemingly engaged in a rather defining moment. For Morante, the unique placement of the figure is a characteristic feature in many of his works; and likewise, his works demand introspection. In 'Nude Descending the Stare Case', the female figure is shown dismounting the “pedestal” (or wall) upon which she was posing, perhaps claiming her independence and joining the viewer on the ground. The title is a play on words and an allusion to the similarly titled painting by Marcel Duchamp, 'Nude Descending the Staircase'. Moreover, Morante proposes a tongue-in-cheek comment on the traditional objectification of the female nude as portrayed in art and social histories.

About the Work
About the Work
other: foam with Luminore coating, stainless steel armature
overall: 65 in x 16 in x 16 in
digitally milled foam
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this is a smaller version of the artist's Nude Descending the Stare Case
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.

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Nude Descending the Stare Case by Frederick Morante

© Artist or Artist's Estate, photo: David Steele

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