Stefan Vladescu

2006 - metal: bronze

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"The main quest for most human beings is a quest for Love. From Cervantes to Shakespeare there is a need to express this esoteric notion in different ways. [The] search [for love] is physical, platonic, or divine. Love is an idea which is difficult to quantify. The [work] I created is based on [an] abstract notion of Love." —Stefan Vladescu The inspiration for Stefan Vladescu’s sculpture 'Love', as revealed by the title, is the most basic yet arguably the most complex human emotion—love. Love, like many of Vladescu’s works, is based on a significant event or experience in the artist’s life. Cast in bronze at nearly seven feet long and five feet wide, 'Love' is Vladescu’s largest work of art to date. The sculpture’s long dual shape evokes a number of images—perhaps a wishbone or a pair of legs. Vladescu believes, that each of the images suggested by the work can be unified under one theme—the theme of love. Moreover, the sculpture’s sleek and smooth surface carries that theme. Vladescu has the following to say about his choice of medium: "The appeal of bronze lies in its paradoxical nature as a durable material, cold to the touch…made to look soft and sensual. My pieces are usually highly polished, allowing the observer to see their reflection and in a sense ‘participate’ in the piece."

About the Work
About the Work
metal: bronze
overall: 38 in x 84 in x 64 in
sand cast
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc., Original Gift of the Artist

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Love by Stefan Vladescu

© Artist or Artist's Estate, photo: David Steele

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