'Juggler I'

John Van Alstine

1993 - stone: granite; metal: bronze

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John Van Alstine’s sculptures are centered on the union of natural materials, such as stone, with human-made materials, such as steel. The sleek, curved lines of the bronze portion of 'Juggler I' are in elegant harmony with the overall shape of the boulder. The cast metal elements-a sinuous curve, geometric shapes, and an anvil-cantilever gracefully upward and outward from the dense, weighty granite in a seemingly effortless feat of balance. Van Alstine has stated that the anvil, a metal-working tool, is symbolic of the “forging” together of the conceptual and the physical that make up his sculptures, and this image is frequently incorporated into his works.

About the Work
About the Work
stone: granite; metal: bronze
overall: 98 in x 80 in x 32 in
carved; painted
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Juggler I by John Van Alstine

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  • Juggler I by John Van Alstine