'Interior #5: Isolation'

Sharon Loper

2000 - metal: bronze

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The cast bronze by Sharon Loper, 'Interior #5: Isolation', is an expressive, psychological study of a nude female figure. Communicating through body language, the work depicts a thin woman emotionally and physically withdrawn, folded and crouched down in an introspective manner. The shifting, scintillating play of light on the varying textures and patinas activate the surface of the sculpture. The tactile quality tells of the artist’s classical training and traditional additive technique, one building upon a wire armature with softened, malleable clay, while the grace and quiet of the finished form speaks poetically. Through gesture and stance, Loper’s work conveys universal humanistic statements.

About the Work
About the Work
metal: bronze
overall: 35 in x 24 in x 24 in
modeled in clay, lost wax cast
Edition, 3/3
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'The Sanctuary'
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.
Interior #5: Isolation by Sharon Loper

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  • Interior #5: Isolation by Sharon Loper
  • Interior #5: Isolation by Sharon Loper
  • Interior #5: Isolation by Sharon Loper