'Heart of Gold'

Herb Ferris

2006 - wood: Eastern white pine; gold leaf; steel

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“'Heart of Gold' connects the earth and the sky. It also goes from outside to inside, from the heavy steel and burnt outside, through a transition of rough to smooth surfaces, to the gold leafed carving inside. It literally comes out of the ground. Standing between the two halves, the light changes, the sound changes, and you become the connection, looking up. One small child said it was like looking up at happiness.” Herb Ferris - 2009

Herb Ferris’s large sculptures are minimal in style, yet have elements that are somehow reminiscent of simplified landscape features. This evocation of nature, combined with the natural media, makes Ferris’s work particularly suitable for placement in gardens, both public and private. The simplicity of form is belied by the power Ferris has given it thus affecting the course of the viewer’s emotions. Elegant and thought provoking, the pieces rise dramatically from the earth, the length of the lines producing a graceful silhouette against the sky.

About the Work
About the Work
wood: Eastern white pine; gold leaf; steel
overall: 17 ft x 6 ft x 3 ft
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.
Heart of Gold by Herb Ferris

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  • Heart of Gold by Herb Ferris