Barton Rubenstein

2016 - stainless steel

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“As an artist, I am moved by the possibility of making someone else’s life more meaningful, less stressful, or simply bringing out a smile. When I create art, I imagine each of these positive changes beginning a chain reaction of other positive human interactions.”

Harmonize is a 16 foot high stainless steel wind kinetic sculpture. This sculpture moves in the slightest breeze and has a unique cable system, invented by the artist, which mimics the back-and-forth motion of a waltz.

Having focused on the sustainability of the planet for much of his life, Rubenstein is now focused on his most ambitious project to date, to create the “International Symbol of Solidarity for Sustainability.” By creating an edition of his large-scale sculpture, the Mother Earth Award ( www.MotherEarthProject.org ), he plans to place this symbol in the capital city of countries that are committed to issues of climate change. His hope is that this symbol will bring pride and incentivize countries to do more toward reaching saving the planet for future generations.

About the Work
About the Work
stainless steel
16 x 3 x 3 feet
Collection of the Artist
Harmonize by Barton Rubenstein

© Artist or Artist’s Estate, photo: Ken Ek

  • Harmonize by Barton Rubenstein