Gordon Gund

2004 - metal: bronze

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Situated in one of the sculpture park’s more private spaces is Gordon Gund’s cast bronze sculpture, 'Flukes'. Beautiful and graceful in its form, 'Flukes' is inspired by an encounter Gund had with pilot whales on Nantucket Island a few summers ago. A group of whales had come ashore, and the artist, along with scientists attempting to redirect the pod, had an opportunity to feel the tail of one of the whales. For Gund this was a meaningful opportunity because as a young adult he was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa which eventually left him blind. The ability to examine up close such a magnificent mammal allowed Gund to interpret and translate into bronze what he “saw” with his hands. Flukes effectively captures “the power and massiveness of the tail of a whale” as well as the “power of the musculature, and the torque of the speed which can emerge from these multi-ton animals as they swim, dive and surface in the waters off Nantucket.” – Sharon Lorenzo, “Multi-talented Gund turns attention to sculpture,” The Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket, Mass., 10 August 2006, D14

About the Work
About the Work
metal: bronze
overall: 72 in x 72 in x 45 in
Edition 1/7
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smaller versions at 4
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.

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Flukes by Gordon Gund

© Artist or Artist's Estate, photo: David Steele

  • Flukes by Gordon Gund
  • Flukes by Gordon Gund