Linda Fleming

2005 - metal: steel, aluminum

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While the visitor may instantly recognize one of the sculptural steel elements of 'Ex-halations' as a bed, the larger adjacent structure, resembling an intricate scissor-cut design, generates many imaginative interpretations. Read as a whole, the work invites one to weave a personal tale – a story that perhaps speculates at the relationship between the two physically seperate structures comprising 'Ex-halations'. As one continues to explore Fleming’s work of art, the visitor is not only asked to contemplate its meaning, but is urged to appreciate the rich and beautiful patina resulting from the natural oxidation of untreated steel. ' Ex-halations is part of a series of works that give form to the intangible. The structure mimics the motion of air and evokes the cosmologic scale of an exploding binary star or the sharing of cosmic particles we experience through breathing. The bed brings an object of everyday life into juxtaposition with abstract human thought, suggesting the coexistence of multiple realities. It is also the vehicle we use to enter the subconscious.' ? Linda Fleming

About the Work
About the Work
metal: steel, aluminum
bed: 36 in x 60 in x 40 in; joined spheres: 120 in x 120 in x 192 in
welded, pillow is cast
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Ex-halations by Linda Fleming

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  • Ex-halations by Linda Fleming