Khang Pham-New

2008 - stone: yellow granite

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Pham-New's piece at Grounds For Sculpture is titled 'Escutcheon', a term referring to a coat of arms in heraldry. The title may refer to the encouragement and support his adopted family gave to his artistic talent and the connection he finds between his family and his art. The sculptural form and the base are carved from a solid piece of yellow granite. The artist has created the appearance of the sculpture resting on a matching base, but the work is in reality one piece. "My childhood experiences growing up in Vietnam have paradoxically become a driving force in my artistic creations. I am impassioned with biomorphic abstract forms. As an artist, I am aware of and respect the art movements of my time, but to create, I remove myself from the influences of this time and retreat into a private space where I can experiment and explore possibilities of each phase of my inner life."- Khang Pham-New
About the Work
About the Work
stone: yellow granite
overall: 72 in x 50 1/4 in x 48 3/4 in
Courtesy of the Artist and Glenn Green Galleries