Harry Gordon

2001 - stone: granite

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'Enki' is a reference to the ancient god Enki, who has been depicted in many ways throughout history but generally is identified as a god of wisdom and magic who helped shape the earth. Harry Gordon is known for his monumental wood and stone sculptures. His sensitivity to these natural mediums is evident in the way they are developed into gentle giants, enhancing and animating the landscape in which they are placed rather than overwhelming their environment. Based on figurative elements, no matter how abstracted in the final work, his sculptures demonstrate an understanding of the human form and how to simplify it while retaining its integrity. The sculptures’ textured surfaces display the artist’s understanding of the innate properties of his materials; he stays within the parameters of their inherent qualities. Rather than intimidate by their massive size, Gordon’s works provide a comfortable atmosphere for and affinity with the viewer.

About the Work
About the Work
stone: granite
overall: 108 in x 124 in x 82 in
hand and machine cut and carved
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Enki by Harry Gordon

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  • Enki by Harry Gordon
  • Enki by Harry Gordon
  • Enki by Harry Gordon