'Die Fussballer'

Petro Hul

1997 - stone: Colorado Yule marble, granite

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Two stone works by Hul, 'From the Heart' and 'Die Fussballer', are placed in a hedged "room" on the sculpture pad. Both abstract in style, 'Die Fussballer', through its streamlined, polished form, captures the rushing, converging energy of a soccer game when players close in on the ball. In contrast, contours and textures inspired by the canyon lands of the American Southwest subtly unfold in 'From the Heart'. This work is revealed in its entirety only by circling it. The artist purposefully draws the viewer in to discover the undulating form and surface nuances from a continuous sequence of vantage points. Hul, using stone as a medium since the 1980s, prefers to work without first constructing a model or maquette, but rather allowing the individual, inherent qualities of each stone block to suggest the direction the sculpture will take. Made of Colorado Yule marble using direct carving techniques, the sculptures were created at Marble/marble, a symposium held annually at a location high in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Hul began attending these highly regarded training workshops in 1994 and has been a technical assistant during their summer sessions since 1997.

About the Work
About the Work
stone: Colorado Yule marble, granite
overall: 60 in x 24 in x 20 in
hand carve with power tools
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.

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Die Fussballer by Petro Hul

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  • Die Fussballer by Petro Hul
  • Die Fussballer by Petro Hul