Nina Levy

1998 - mixed media: fiberglass, steel, cement

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A centaur in Greek mythology was portrayed as a monster--half man and half horse. The 'Centaur' created by Nina Levy is also an anomaly, but a recombination of portions of the human figure. The top half is female, the bottom is male, and the whole is entrapped in a confining, steel cage. The differences between the two figurative halves and their respective allusions to sexual associations and symbolic polar opposition is accentuated through the artist’s use of scale and color. The female, upper section is an acid green and close to life-size, while the purple male portion extending from the waist down is much larger, bulkier, and imposing. The fiberglass sculpture is fraught with underlying tensions between the male and female representations brought together in one body.

About the Work
About the Work
mixed media: fiberglass, steel, cement
overall: 115 in x 48 in x 48 in
cast fiberglass coated with automotive paint, welded steel cage and base
Gift of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.
Centaur by Nina Levy

© Artist or Artist's Estate

  • Centaur by Nina Levy
  • Centaur by Nina Levy