Robert Mangold


Born 1930, IN

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As a young boy in rural Indiana, in the early 1940’s, Robert Mangold would venture into the rich and majestic woods surrounding his small town in Huntingburg whenever he could.  Overwhelmed by the sheer majesty of his surroundings, he soon found himself able to enjoy a special state of concentration – a meditation in nature on nature . . . what superficially appeared as a quiet static, dense forest of trees and earth, unfolded to Mangold’s inner eye as a microcosm of constant motion.

Mangold created a large body of “Anemotive Kinetic” sculptures, exploring the nature of our environment.  The vastness of the universe and the minuteness of the particles that give this vastness its form, space and energy have continued to fascinate Mangold throughout his life.  Where the Anemotices are movement expressed by the movement itself, the PTTSAAES series [“Point Traveling Through Space At An Erratic Speed”], are movement expressed “virtually,” or, as Mangold prefers to call it, as an “implied kinesis”.  

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