Lin Emery


Born 1928, NY

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“My sculpture is kinetic, meaning that it moves. The elements are derived from nature, and I borrow natural elements — wind, water, magnets — to set them in motion. The rhythms are influenced by infinite variables: the points of balance, the normal frequency of each form, the interruption of the counterpoise. I juggle, juxtapose, and adjust to achieve the dance or pantomime that I want. Then the sculpture takes over and invents a fillip of its own.”

Lin Emery has received numerous public art commissions including kinetic sculptures for the Delaware Museum, Hofstra University in New York and Loyola University of the South. Her work can also be seen in public collections of Museums and Arts Centers such as the National Collection of America Art, Washington, D.C., The National Academy of Design in New York, New York, and the New Orleans Museum of Art. Lin Emery currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1996, a retrospective of her work was exhibited at the New Orleans Museum of Art. In 1997, Emery was awarded the Grand Prize for Public Sculpture for her work 'Dance of the Tree' located in Osaka, Japan. Lin Emery currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

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