Heinz Aeschlimann


Born 1947, Switzerland

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'Composer I' and many other works by Aeschlimann are representative of his ability to balance and move from artistic creativity to engineering prowess to business savvy. He began his career as a civil engineer in Switzerland wherein he gained valuable experience in paving construction as well as road and bridge technology. This early venture helped discipline him in the methodical work of production, and instilled within him the importance of working in stages. Aeschlimann was also able to experiment with various industrial materials and techniques, manipulating different media for creative purposes. His discipline and focus have led him to create and build a gallery and garden called Modern Art Advising in Zolfingen, Switzerland. (Please see http://www.maa.li/ for more information on Aeschlimann and Modern Art Advising.) Throughout his career, Aeschlimann has distinguished himself as an artist, an engineer and an entrepreneur – in 2004 he won the Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. His artwork can be found throughout Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States. In 2003, Composer I was on exhibition in Florida for the Sarasota Season of Sculpture.

More information on this artist can be found at http://www.maa.li/

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Heinz Aeschlimann

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