FAQ and Etiquette

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Welcome to Grounds For Sculpture. It’s a special, magical place with so much for you to enjoy. To help you and others make the most of your visit, please observe these simple rules.

Please Touch….Most of the Time
We encourage you to touch the sculptures (respectfully), but only if they are marked with a green tag. If the tag is red, please don’t. It’s for the safety of you and the art. And of course climbing is never allowed. We also hope you stop and smell the roses...but please leave them where they are.

Your Safety is Important
Adults must accompany children at all times and take care to ensure their safety around the many water features in the park. Please use common sense like staying on paths and even surfaces and not trying to cross water. If you are elderly, infirm, injured or pregnant, PLEASE take special care and ask for help from our staff. They’re happy to do so.

Peacocks and Wildlife
They’re everywhere. Please don’t chase or try to touch or feed them. But don’t be afraid either. They’re tame and love to have their pictures taken - from a distance.

Drones are not allowed at the park.

Help Us Keep It Clean
We are 100% smoke-free and proud of how clean we keep our park. So please - no smoking - dispose of all trash in receptacles.

Food & Beverages
We must insist that you not bring food or beverages into the park. Delicious, affordable dining options are available here at the park.

Pets are not allowed at the park. Pets are not allowed to be left in vehicles. Services animals are, of course, permitted.

Respecting Others
GFS is so special for its many tranquil places and the opportunity to peacefully relax. So please respect the needs of others. Keep the noise down. Don’t run. No roughhousing and no sports.

Express Yourself!
Photos, videos, and art-making are strongly encouraged. But it’s just for you and never for commercial purposes without advanced written permission.


Observing these simple rules will help you and everyone around you enjoy the park to its fullest and keep it ready for the next time you visit.