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Enrich your visit to Grounds For Sculpture and build your team at the same time with an Art Experience for your corporate or private group! Activities include:

Lend a Hand Workshop NEW!!!
How does Seward Johnson make his sculptures look so life-like? Part of the reason is that many of them are cast from living models! In this hands-on experience, participants will work in pairs and challenge each other to master the artistic techniques of creating a negative mold of their own hands.  The molds will be cast using Plaster of Paris, and while they cure, join a docent for a guided tour of the park. To add interest and personality to each sculpture, participants are encouraged to bring an object that fits in the palm of their hand to include in their final piece. This activity takes 150 minutes.

Sculpture Hunt
Ready, set, HUNT! The Sculpture Hunt is a fast-paced, fun introduction to Grounds For Sculpture. Your group will be split into smaller teams, who are then challenged to race against the clock – and each other! – to pinpoint  highlighted sculptures scattered across 42-acres while answering questions to earn points. Fabulous prizes are awarded to members of the winning team at the culminating Medal Ceremony! This activity takes 60 minutes.

Found Object Challenge
By far, our most popular hands-on Group Art Experience! What is a found object? In this workshop, you’ll discover this unique art movement and learn about artists who practiced this style, from Marcel Duchamp to Louise Nevelson. Participants will brainstorm a theme for their sculpture, and then work together to repurpose found objects into a team sculpture! In this challenge, team members develop both communication and problem solving skills, while having a blast. Looking for even more of a challenge? Participants can chose to each bring an object from work/home that must be incorporated into their team sculpture. The challenge culminates with an “exhibition” of completed found object sculptures. This activity takes 60 minutes.

Puzzling Painting Workshop
Grab your paint brushes and palettes! In this workshop, your group will discover color theory, paint mixing, and different artistic techniques used by professional painters. Each team member then receives a portion of a larger image transferred onto canvas, which they paint using their own colors and style.  The real challenge is to then put all the pieces together to reveal an amazing artwork made by your team! This activity takes 90 minutes.

The Ultimate GFS Challenge
Experience how the pros make sculpture! In the Ultimate Grounds For Sculpture Challenge, participants learn the steps of sandcasting, a process used by professional artists to create sculpture.  Participants collaborate on their design and create a mold, which is then cast with Plaster of Paris. As the sculpture cures, participants are treated to a guided tour of the park, featuring contemporary sculpture on view.  After the tour, the completed castings will be revealed and finishing touches added. This activity takes 180 minutes.

Make it a full-day outing by adding a guided tour, lunch, another activity, or time to explore our beautiful and inspiring park on your own. For more information, please contact the Education Department at